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8-2, originally seen as a close matchup, Bayern Munich entered the Champions League semi-finals with an unstoppable momentum. Facing Barcelona, ​​where most of the veterans are veterans, Bayern seized the initiative with strong oppression and aggressive running. Setien's defensive formation not only failed to control the wing, but gave up control of the central core area. The connection between Thiago and Mueller became the guarantee of Bayern's victory.

8-2最初被认为是一场对决,拜仁慕尼黑以不可阻挡的势力进入了冠军联赛半决赛。面对大多数退伍军人都是老兵的巴塞罗那,拜仁以强烈的压迫和激进的奔跑抓住了主动权。 Setien的防御阵型不仅无法控制机翼,而且放弃了对中央核心区域的控制。 Thiago和Mueller之间的联系成为了拜仁胜利的保证。

"Messi has been the best player in the world for many years. We have to think about how to limit him. Of course, this is not a game between Bayern Munich and Messi, this is a game between Bayern and Barcelona." Flick was interviewed before the game The key point of this battle was pointed out, that is, the defensive end of the control of key players should not become an obstacle to Bayern's interpretation of offensive football. Boateng was slightly injured. Lucas Hernandez has rich experience in defending Messi, but Frick did not risk the use of the "quadguard" line of defense, but followed the starting lineup against Chelsea a few days ago.

“梅西多年来一直是世界上最好的球员。我们必须考虑如何限制他。当然,这不是拜仁慕尼黑和梅西之间的比赛,而是拜仁和巴塞罗那之间的比赛。”弗里克在赛前接受了采访。指出了这场战斗的关键点,那就是,关键球员控制权的防守端不应该成为拜仁对进攻性足球的诠释的障碍。博阿滕受了轻伤。卢卡斯·埃尔南德斯(Lucas Hernandez)在捍卫梅西方面拥有丰富的经验,但弗里克(Frick)并没有冒着使用“四方卫士”防御线的风险,而是在几天前跟随切尔西队首发。

Unlike Frick, who is mainly me, Setien's lineup is obviously conservative. Vidal and Busquets returned, and Griezmann took the bench. When defeating Naples at home, the diamond 442 (4312) was replaced by the parallel 442. Setien's strategy was to concentrate on blocking Bayern's wing attack, and Griezmann became a victim of the change.


Griezmann had a flanking experience during his time at Atletico Madrid, and his restriction on Dem is considered one of the key points for Barcelona to beat Naples. Judging from the actual combat effect, taking Griezmann did not make Barcelona's wing defense become stable, but caused the interruption of the connection between the double forwards and the midfield. Thiago and Muller seized the Barcelona parallel 442 system. The loopholes in the midfield, led Bayern's offensive storm.

格里兹曼(Griezmann)在马德里竞技(Atletico Madrid)期间经历了两次侧翼比赛,他对戴姆(Dem)的限制被认为是巴塞罗那击败那不勒斯的关键点之一。从实际的战斗效果来看,格里兹曼并没有使巴塞罗那的边路防守变得稳定,而是导致了双前锋和中场之间的联系中断。蒂亚戈(Thiago)和穆勒(Muller)占领了巴塞罗那平行442系统。中场的漏洞导致了拜仁的进攻风暴。

After the opening, Bayern relied on a strong high-position press to control the rhythm of the game. The players' mobility and physical advantages were very obvious, and the connection between the three lines was also very close. Barcelona lacks a high point in the frontcourt that can respond to long passes, and there are no speed-type players who use the depth of the frontcourt and can only find ground advance channels under pressure.


Barcelona’s main problem when advancing on the ground is that the speed of passing and receiving the ball is slow, the strength of running without the ball and the response cannot meet the requirements, and the inverted foot cannot be used to clear the forward space. Once the ball stops, the ball holder cannot be under pressure. Keep the ball right. In the opening stage, Busquets, Pique, Messi and others also successfully picked the ball in a siege. As the game progressed, Barcelona players' physical strength declined and the backcourt system loosened. Ter Stegen, Roberto, Busquets and Semedo made mistakes one after another, which was fatal when facing Bayern. of.

巴萨在地面上前进时的主要问题是,传球和接球的速度很慢,没有球的奔跑强度和响应能力都无法满足要求,倒立脚不能用来清理前排空间。一旦球停止,球保持器将无法承受压力。保持正确的球。在开幕阶段,布斯克茨,皮克,梅西和其他人也成功围攻了皮球。随着比赛的进行,巴塞罗那球员的体力下降,后场系统放松。 Ter Stegen,Roberto,Busquets和Semedo接连犯错,这在面对拜仁时致命。的。

When Barcelona encounter difficulties in the backcourt, Messi will withdraw to help the midfielder take over. The Bayern defender surrounded Messi in a battle and retreat, cutting off the connection between him and his teammates. Messi, who was trapped in a deep siege, did not choose to force the ball to break through, but used a pass to lead his opponent to attack behind Bayern's defense. Barcelona's midfielder lacks speed players, and two full-backs have become the vanguard of the wing attack. After Muller opened the scoring, Barcelona continued to complete the counter-control from the side, and even saw the hope of overtaking the score in a short time.


Against Chelsea at home, Gretzka and Thiago had reservations in defense. Bayern exposed the gap in the waist to their opponents. In this campaign, two of Bayern's midfielders became vanguards in defense of Messi. In the midfield area, Gretzka took the initiative to put pressure on Messi several times to limit his turn and start speed. After turning into a low defense, Tiago, who was more flexible at his feet, took on the heavy task of leading Messi.


Excellent completion of the defensive task, Tiago's offensive performance is also phenomenal. When Thiago can easily attack with the ball head-on, Bayern's combination of sides is almost unstoppable. Koeman has returned from injury, Flick still arranges Perisic to start, Bayern has four tall players who can hit the penalty area in a sports battle, Barcelona's defense line is difficult to withstand this pressure.


Before Gnabry scored (21’), Bayern had already formed a siege. The red and blue defense lines were shaky, and Pique’s consecutive clearances only delayed Barcelona’s collapse. In this campaign, Bayern’s overall running distance was 9.27 kilometers longer than that of Barcelona, ​​forcibly creating the advantage of one more player. Frick’s disciples can always be one step ahead of Barcelona’s The ball holders form an encirclement.


The three strikers at the top made the opponents exhausted, Gretzka and Thiago behind him could also help him attract firepower, and Muller gained a relatively loose space for activities. The Barcelona defender couldn't keep up with Mueller's speed, and Setien's transformation left the midfielder to the space maker.


Two consecutive seasons suffered a reversal, Osman Dembele did not appear in the starting lineup of the away game. Barcelona did not have the ability to use speed to strike deep players in the frontcourt, and when they were crazily oppressed, they had little power to fight back. Setien has not experienced this kind of failure, and made a mistake similar to that of his predecessor in the formation.

连续两个赛季都遭遇了逆转,奥斯曼登贝莱没有出现在客场比赛的首发阵容中。巴塞罗那没有能力利用速度来打击前场的高手,当他们被迫压迫时,他们几乎没有反击的力量。 Setien没有经历过这种失败,并且犯了一个与其前任相似的错误。

After changing sides, Setien replaced Griezmann to strengthen the attack, the French appeared in the left midfielder position, and Vidal moved to the right. After getting the ball, Griezmann will move to the center, as a series player behind the double forward, so that he can push Messi to the front. With a big lead, Bayern's pressure has declined, and the strikers have handled the ball somewhat casually. Barcelona pulled back a goal at this stage and saw the hope of equalizing the score.


The suspense of the game re-emerged, Bayern once again geared up to speed up. Perisic and Gnabry completed the transition, Alfonso Davis has the opportunity to penetrate the frontcourt and attack the penalty area. Just like the predecessor Kovac, Frick also hopes to add new elements to Bayern's offensive system and change the split-wing offensive layout in the past. Gnabry is a "wing forward" with trendy attributes. The outside channel left by him needs to be filled by players with strong assists and coverage. Alfonso Davis is such a master who can cover all the way.

这场比赛的悬念再次出现,拜仁再次加快速度。佩里西奇和格纳布里完成了过渡,阿方索·戴维斯有机会打入前场并进攻禁区。就像前任科瓦奇一样,弗里克也希望为拜仁的进攻体系增加新的元素,并在过去改变分翼进攻的布局。 Gnabry是具有时尚属性的“前锋”。他留下的外部渠道需要球员的大力协助和覆盖。阿方索·亚搏手机网页登陆戴维斯(Alfonso Davis)就是这样一位精通所有方面的大师。

Bayern's main force structure is relatively stable, and there is not much room for Flick to change. Paval was injured, Kimmich moved to the right gate, Bayern’s backcourt has no room for adjustment, Frick set the team’s tactical growth point on the left wing of the frontcourt, Perisic and Koman can help Bayern Deal with different opponents. Perisic and Alfonso Davis have a certain conflict in the course of the ball, but they win because of their excellent physical fitness and active defense. They can cooperate with Lewand to hit the goal and bring a better offensive and defensive balance. It is quite effective in the Champions League knockout stage. value.


In the Champions League knockout games for three consecutive seasons, they have fallen into a vortex of stalling and out of control. Barcelona's problems have reached a point where they are hard to return. In the process of building a team around Messi, both Valverde and Setien lacked the experience, pattern and courage that a rich coach should have. The control and defensive lineup not only failed to contain the opponent's offense, but was tilted backwards. Resources dragged down Messi.


With the decline in physical function, Messi has been unable to do multiple jobs. In the past few seasons, Juventus, Roma and Liverpool have used effective defenses to cut off Messi’s connection with his teammates, thereby curbing Barcelona’s offense. Bayern under Frick is driving oppression and seizing opportunities. The abilities in this area are extremely outstanding, and it makes sense to win a big victory.


Unbeaten in 25 games in all competitions, beating Dortmund, Chelsea and Barcelona in a convincing way, Frick's Bayern looks unstoppable. In the process of leading Bayern's multi-line hurricane, Frick effectively integrated the "legacy" left by several predecessors. Guardiola’s handling of the backcourt propulsion system, Kovac’s thinking on the overall formation structure, and Heynckes’ design of wing attack and high position pressure are all fully demonstrated in Bayern’s tactical system at this stage. Frick brings together the best of Bayern in the post-Van Gaal era. In this season of losing traditional giants, the Bundesliga giants have a good opportunity to make history.


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